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3D Mapping

3d Mapping also know as 3d projection technology. 3D Mapping breaks the physical space and transforms the surface of any object into animation. Multiple projectors are configured according to the size of the projection area.
Combining projection technology with phantom special effects produces a three-dimensional scene with a high sense of reality and three-dimensionality, coupled with music and sound effects to achieve a more intuitive and shocking effect.

Immersive Projection Domes

The 360 dome projection can create fully bespoke immersive event experiences by Projector, Dome Screen and Video content, create an immersive 360° projection environments for different types of events.

Perfect digital dome solutions for a broad variety of events, 360 projection domes are a popular choice for brand activations, corporate and promotional events, parties, product and brand launches, etc.


Projectors can help create a more engaging and interactive learning environment for students. They can also be used to display multimedia content, which can make lessons more visually stimulating and interesting. Additionally, projectors can be used to facilitate group work and collaboration among students.

Flight Simulator

A flight simulator is a device that artificially re-creates aircraft flight and the environment in which it flies, for pilot training, design, or other purposes. It includes replicating the equations that govern how aircraft fly, how they react to applications of flight controls, the effects of other aircraft systems, and how the aircraft reacts to external factors such as air density, turbulence, wind shear, cloud, precipitation, etc. Flight simulation is used for a variety of reasons, including flight training (mainly of pilots), the design and development of the aircraft itself, and research into aircraft characteristics and control handling qualities.

What it need it Projector + Curved screen + Edge blending software.

Holographic Stage Projection

Hologram Projection is the new breakthrough for stage show, it can create imagine a hologram that looks so real that 3D objects appear to float in mid-air or surround a performer on stage, interactive show. The most import element is Projector + Screen+ Video content. If you want to the hologram show, welcome to contact with us at anytime, we can supply good projector and screen for you.

Laser TV

Laser TV is most popular potation of home cinema at recently, what is TV? Laser TV is not real TV, it is become with Ultra Short Throw (UST) Laser Projector and ALR Projector Scree. It is create clear and colorful effect even under the light, and it is unrestricted on space, the UST projector significant reduction the distance of the projector with screen to build a big image.

Multi-channel Projection

The more projection channels, the more “real” the impression of the picture, offers all the prerequisites for a varying number of projectors.
Advantages: high image resolution, low image distortion, no unwelcome shadows of the user on the projection surface.
Can build very huge image, immersive experience.

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